Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Red Moon - Kalafina

When I reached out and touched you
there was a single high note in my heart
As we gazed at the darkening sky,
the world that continues on endlessly
was calling out

People become people by falling in love
and knowing pain, don't they?
On the other side of the night that you cried
the cymbals of time resounded  

I surely believe that the karma that we create together in this sky
will play a song of love,
the tears of the red moon are a quiet music
Let's live so that we can share the light

Because you called out to me
it was like a wish being born for the first time
I'll hold your hand until we reach an unfinished sky,
chasing after the red moonlight of June

How many times have people cried out
as they are born into a sea of tears?
An alleluia echoes within the shadow of a collapsed dream
'Let there be light'

Why does the karma of simply living
bring more pain than it does joy?
I always dream of quiet music
so that I can reach across the distance to where it sleeps together with you

When I reached out and touched you
a song was born for the first time in the world

In the middle of a broken summer 
resounds a song of lament
Both love and dreams will one day disappear
but even so my voice doesn't reach

As I take a flower with dirtied hands
I wonder if I can live together with you
In a dream of destruction at the other side of time
you can hear it, right?
A far away alleluia

It's ok if it's just once in this sky,
let a song of love resound like a flame
It begins to overflow, an intensely quiet music
The red moon dreams
in the last sky

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