Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Reminiscing by the Window

I open this closed window
The stars are still out of view for me
I'm drenched in rain again
My heart stops
Why is that?
My tears dry up
Why is that?
I trace the night sky with my fingers
But it's still unreliable

I see a window of the past
Even a ray of light won't shine through
I'm only burned by the flames
My heart cries out
Why is that?
My tears overflow
Why is that?
I blindly reach out my hand to the night sky
But it won't reach now

It's still so suffocating
Not that it sad and painful
But this strong distant desire-
Doesn't even have a voice

Even if I fade myself
Even if I change by now
Nothing just vanishes in thin air but then
My chest tightens now
The window of the past drives my desires forward
Even though I cant fly I still move on
Dragging my injured leg on this thorny path I'm on now

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